American flag held toward the sky,.

Our Values

What we stand for.
And what we’ll never stand for.

We are the bank for everyone who makes this country run every day, the proud patriots we call the engine of America.
We are the bank named after the flag that’s the fabric of this great nation. The symbol of all we hold dear as a country. The cloth our founding principles are indelibly sewn into. The common thread that runs through our shared values.
We are the bank for Middle Americans who hold tight to their beliefs of liberty, faith, family, security, privacy, and love of country, with a deep appreciation of the military and law and order.
We are the bank for anyone who is striving to make their little corner of America better and their American Dream a reality.
We are the bank that will never cancel you for your law-abiding actions. Never look down on you for believing in the greatness of America. Never disrespect anyone who respects our flag and our Constitution.
We are the community bank for America.
We are Old Glory Bank.™
We stand with you.™