Image of cash in someone's hand


An easy way to deposit your hard-earned cash.

Old Glory Cash-IN gives you over 85,000 retail locations across the United States where you can deposit your cash. 

Find the location nearest you by clicking HERE

It’s easy. Just go to Cash-IN on our mobile app. Head to your favorite retailer. Show them the barcode on the app. Then hand them your cash.* It’s credited to your accounts almost instantly. 

How to use Cash-IN:
  1. Select Old Glory Cash-IN from your app.
  2. Go to “Find Locations Near Me.”
  3. Select the account into which you want to deposit cash.
  4. Hand your cash to the cashier and have the cashier scan the one-time-use bar code in your app. 
For more information go to our KNOWLEDGE BASE or follow this HOW-TO VIDEO.
*Limit one cash deposit transaction per barcode. The deposit limit is between $20 and $999 per transaction, up to $2000 per day, and $4000 per month. Deposits under $200 incur a fee of $2.99; deposits over $200 are free.