The bank that values your security.

As part of our commitment to prevent fraud in the financial and banking industry, Old Glory Bank is committed to informing you of ways to avoid fraud, scams, theft, and other methods criminals will use to attempt to steal your money. The links below offer valuable information to help you avoid being a victim.
FTC-Frauds and Scams
“Remember: If someone says they’re calling from the FTC and then demands money (for ANY reason) or demands your personal or financial information, that’s a scam.”
FBI-Consumer Fraud Schemes
“Learn how to protect yourself from common scams that target consumers like you—and what to do if you're a victim.”
FBI-Don’t Be a Money Mule
“Some money mules know they are supporting criminal enterprises; others are unaware that they are helping criminals profit.”
FTC-Report Fraud
“[How to] report a scam, a company, or an unwanted call.”
FTC-Report ID Theft
“Consumers can report identity theft at, the federal government’s one-stop resource to help people report and recover from identity theft.”
FTC-ID Theft Recovery Plan
“ can help you report and recover from identity theft.”
FTC-Avoid Scams
“Learn about the latest scams, and get advice to help you avoid, report, and recover from them.”
FTC-Imposter Scams
“Scammers are using the Federal Trade Commission’s good name to try to trick people into paying them—or sharing personal information.”