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Freedom Spending Account

Freedom is a beautiful thing. An Old Glory Bank Freedom Spending debit card is, too. You can proudly wave your card to proclaim your love of country and support of its ideals.
But the real beauty is what a Freedom Spending account does.* Like, helping you keep track of your spending. And what it doesn’t do. Like bury you with fees.
  1. Open your Spending Account with as little as $50.00.
  2. Free direct deposit. With the integrated ClickSwitch service, you can smoothly, securely, and easily switch your payroll/benefits direct deposits to your account at Old Glory Bank.
  3. No monthly account fee.
  4. Free access to approximately 40,000 in-network ATMs. Find an in-network ATM. Please note: In some cases, the owner/operator of an ATM may impose withdrawal limits that are less than what Old Glory Bank allows.
  5. No-fee Overdraft Security of up to $200.**
  6. Free mobile check deposits. You can deposit your paper checks using our convenient Old Glory Bank app.
  7. Free bill payments. Easily make electronic payments via ACH and even send a “paper check” to people who cannot receive an electronic payment. We do the work for you!
  8. Use our integrated CardSwap service to securely and conveniently assign your Old Glory Bank debit card to pay popular subscriptions you already use, including Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, Apple Music, Uber, Verizon, and many, many more.
  9. Text money to others without a fee. With our InstaPay, you can send money “peer-to-peer,” easily and for free. Of course, if you want to send money to another member of Old Glory Nation (which is someone who has an account at Old Glory Bank), use Old Glory Pay, because it’s generally quicker and more convenient than InstaPay!
  10. Free receipt of money from your external bank accounts to your Old Glory Bank account. Move your money out of that bank that doesn’t support your values!
  11. Free Budget and Planning Tools to keep track of all your financial accounts (even non-OGB accounts) in one location in the Old Glory Bank app. Also, establish Savings Goals and easily “sock away” some of your money each month and earn interest on those amounts. We also categorize purchases automatically and have built-in Budget and Planning Tools.
  12. Free access to your electronic account statements, 24/7.

* Please note that these lists are just a summary. Full Terms and Conditions apply, all of which will be provided during the account opening process.
** When opening a Spending Account, customers will have the option to opt-in to our no-fee Overdraft Security. If opting-in, then beginning 60 days after account opening, all accounts in good standing will be entitled to no-fee Overdraft Security of up to $25.00 on debit card purchases, ACHs, and bill pay checks (but not ATM withdrawals or P2P payments). Beginning 150 days after account opening, customers who previously opted-in may request an increase of the amount of Overdraft Security up to a total of $200.00, if they have a monthly qualifying direct deposit (from an employer, payroll, or benefits provider via ACH deposit) of at least $177.60. Our decision of how much to increase Overdraft Security (if at all) will be based on account history, spending activity and other risk-based factors. The amount of Overdraft Security may change at any time, in our discretion, based on certain activities, including those set forth in our full Terms and Conditions. Regardless of the amount of an Overdraft Security, all overdrafts will be paid in the Bank’s sole discretion, and this is not a commitment to pay your overdraft transactions.
Good Standing is when the account is not currently overdrawn, has no active legal actions such as garnishment, levy, administrative or other legal process.