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Old Glory Pay™

Introducing Old Glory Pay. America’s first cancel-proof payment platform.
It’s fast, safe, cancel-proof, and, above all else, private.
You can use Old Glory Pay to send payments to other members of Old Glory Nation (customers of Old Glory Bank) without your money ever leaving Old Glory Bank. That means no third party can intervene and arbitrarily decide to cancel the payment or hold onto it.
It’s totally private and secure.
And, because you and the person you’re paying are both Old Glory Nation members, each payment will settle immediately. There is no waiting for money to clear.
Logging into Old Glory Pay is easy.  Just use the same username and password as your Old Glory Bank account. Our “How To Use Old Glory Pay” tutorial video, found under What We Offer, will also show you how to easily navigate the app.   
Later this year, you also will be able to use Old Glory Pay at retail locations where Old Glory Pay is accepted, both online and in person.
Download the Old Glory Pay app today.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy things with Old Glory Pay?
Yes! Old Glory Pay offers business customers a fast and secure way of accepting payments for commercial transactions. Business customers of Old Glory Bank can accept Old Glory Pay for payment. Encourage your favorite place to shop to open an account at Old Glory Bank and start accepting Old Glory Pay!

If I’m a business, can I accept payment via Old Glory Pay?
Yes. Open a business account at Old Glory Bank and you can accept payments for business transactions via Old Glory Pay for free for 90 days! After 90 days, the fee is only 1.99%, which is generally much less than the fees charged by PayPal, Master Card, Visa, and AMEX. Of course, sending money via Old Glory Pay is always free for the sender.

What are the Old Glory Pay transaction limits?
To protect our customers from fraud and theft, Old Glory Pay permits customers to send up to $1,000 per day from their account and receive up to $1,000 per day into their account via Old Glory Pay. Generally, account limits are reset at 7:00 a.m. Central Time daily.

Are Old Glory Pay funds safe?
Old Glory Pay is safe and secure. All funds within your account at Old Glory Bank are FDIC-insured, up to $250,000 per depositor.

Are Old Glory Pay transactions reversible?
Although there may be limited exceptions in the case of theft or fraud, Old Glory Pay transactions are not reversible. Sending money via Old Glory Pay is like sending cash. You generally cannot get it back. Please confirm that you have verified the correct nickname and name of the person you are dealing with and are sending the correct amount for a valid and lawful purpose before sending any funds. Please review Old Glory Pay’s Terms and Conditions for more details.

What can I expect in the future?
Old Glory Pay represents the first payment platform that combines cancel-proof technology on a private Bank platform. Expect more great services soon from Old Glory Bank, including cancel-proof crowd fundraising.