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The Proof is in the Protection.

Welcome to Old Glory Bank.® We're the bank for freedom-loving Americans, with the best online Checking and Savings accounts for consumers and businesses. Plus, we honor PSL – Privacy, Security, Liberty.  

We are putting our words into action by offering Old Glory Protect – a free $100,000 Line-of-Duty Death Benefit for Protectors: Police, Firefighters, Armed Forces, and U.S. Border Patrol Agents. This exclusive benefit is available to Old Glory Bank customers who maintain a monthly direct deposit.* 

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The products we offer at Old Glory Bank.

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Banking Bill of Rights.

Old Glory Bank holds these truths to be self-evident, that every American has the right to financial freedom, that big banks should not dictate who gets to use America’s financial institutions, that there is nothing more un-American than being canceled for your beliefs.
Freedom of Association
The right to bank without the risk of cancellation because of your faith, industry, or beliefs.
Freedom of Financial Privacy
The right to banking privacy, shielded from improper government snooping.
Freedom from Censorship
The right to an online payment app without the threat of cancellation by big tech censors.
Freedom of Lifestyle
The right to banking services without restrictions imposed by a "social credit score."
Freedom of American Values
The right to bank with an institution that respects and supports your American values.

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Privacy. Above all else.

Privacy is in our DNA. Your business is your own, and we intend to keep it that way. We will never sell your data. We will never sell out our customers.
If you’re not involved in suspicious or criminal activities, we will not share your data with any agency of state or federal governments unless we are compelled by a court of competent jurisdiction (i.e., we lose a fight—and we don’t usually lose). We know the difference between law-abiding and criminal activity. And lawfully exercising your constitutional rights is not criminal activity.
After all, Old Glory Bank’s mission statement is the United States Constitution.

Our Co-Founders

John Rich headshot.

John Rich
Country Music Superstar
“Right now everyone wants to run for the hills. Old Glory Bank is that hill you can run to.”
Dr. Carson headshot.

Dr. Ben Carson
Founder and Chairman, American Cornerstone Institute
“Banking should be concerned with
banking, not with politics.”
Larry Elder headshot.

Larry Elder

Author, Epoch Times TV Host, Movie Producer, Former Candidate for Governor of California and for President of the United States
“You ought not be discriminated against or canceled because of your views.”
Governor Fallin headshot.

Governor Mary Fallin-Christensen

Governor & Congresswoman, State of Oklahoma
“Americans want a bank that values
and respects them.”

Our Community

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    Standing with you means making your life better.

    Old Glory Bank is the bank that helps you achieve financial liberty.
    No monthly fees on our consumer Freedom Spending and Freedom Savings accounts.
    No fees at approximately 40,000 ATM locations.*
    No Fee Overdraft Protection** Because things happen from time to time.
    Use Old Glory Cash-IN to easily deposit cash at 88,000 retail locations nationwide.
    Free bill pay, money transfers, and electronic statements.*
    Charitable Round-Ups that let you round up your purchases to the next dollar to support causes that are important to you.
    View your accounts held at other institutions.
    Deposit checks via our app.
    GOALS budgeting feature that helps you track your progress toward savings goals, while earning interest.

    *At OGB in-network ATMs.
    **Conditions apply.
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    Old Glory Pay. America’s first cancel-proof payment platform.

    Sadly, cancel culture has found a home at other banks and payment apps.
    Accounts are being closed, and transactions are voided simply because of what a customer lawfully says or does.
    That’s why Old Glory Bank created its own payment system called
    Old Glory Pay.™ It's a faster, safer, cancel-proof way to make payments.
    Old Glory Pay lets you send payments to other Old Glory Bank customers without that transaction ever passing through the hands of a third party who could cancel you for any reason.
    Funds are settled immediately. There is no waiting period for your money to clear.
    When you use Old Glory Pay, your financial transactions stay within the Old Glory Bank eco-system, so you have the comfort of P-S-L
    (Privacy. Security. Liberty.)
    Download the Old Glory Pay app today.

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    Technology that stands with you, not in your way.

    Americans come to Old Glory Bank because we share the
    same values. But once our customers experience how easy
    our mobile and online banking is, our technology wins them
    over for good.
    After all, you work hard to make your money. You shouldn’t
    have to work hard to access it. We’ve made online banking
    fast, easy, and seamless.
    Easily open an account in eight minutes.
    Easily switch your direct deposit paycheck or benefits to Old Glory Bank.
    Easily pay bills, send checks, deposit checks, deposit cash.
    Easily navigate from one online activity to the next, from one device to another.

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    Join Old Glory Nation in eight minutes.

    Ready to join other patriotic Americans who believe in freedom and fairness, and not being canceled for your beliefs? Ready to join hard-working Americans who value privacy, security, liberty, and faith? Then open an account at Old Glory Bank. It takes just eight minutes. For a lifetime of financial freedom.
    Welcome to Old Glory Nation.

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