Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Operational Team at Old Glory Bank?
Old Glory Bank is blessed to have great co-founders and thought leaders such as John Rich, Larry Elder, Dr. Ben Carson, and Governor Fallin. Additionally, behind the scenes, we have a large leadership team of humble patriots who are working nonstop to deliver great products, brand values, and services to our Old Glory Nation.™ Our leadership team represents the best of Middle America and you can meet some of them here.

When can I open an account with Old Glory Bank?
We are now opening Freedom Spending and Freedom Savings Accounts, safely, securely, and responsibly. We continue to take reservations so you can hold your spot as a Founding Member of Old Glory Nation!™ Once you reserve, you will receive updates about all things Old Glory Bank. We thank the many tens of thousands of Founding Members who are patiently waiting to open their account. We take our responsibility as “the community bank for Middle America” very seriously and we will not be reckless or foolish in this process. Our thoroughness is even more critical with what recently happened with the so-called “smart” banking elites. Old Glory Bank will be here for you, your kids, and your grandkids. (And, coming in July, also your business!)

Where are Old Glory Bank branches and will you be opening one in my neighborhood?
Most customers will interact with Old Glory Bank through our App or website because we will have one of the best mobile and online banking platforms in America.  We would love to have you visit us in our physical branch in beautiful Elmore City, Oklahoma, but with our great mobile banking, your bank can always be in your pocket.  We do not know when another traditional brick-and-mortar branch will open, but with our incredible mobile banking, you can seamlessly bank from anywhere, just like if you walked into a traditional branch.

Why have I never heard of Old Glory Bank?
Old Glory Bank was previously called First State Bank in Elmore City, Oklahoma, which was established in 1903.  We recently acquired First State Bank and changed its name to Old Glory Bank.  There is a new group of owners, executives, and board members, who have decades of experience in banking and technology. With our great mobile banking solutions, Old Glory Bank will be your hometown bank, no matter where you call home.

What does Old Glory Bank stand for?
Old Glory Bank is named for the American Flag.  As a bank, we will openly support our country, flag, military, police, and the people we call the engine of America—the hard-working patriots who make this country run every day.  If you believe in freedom, liberty, security, faith, and family, we will be your bank. We won’t cancel law-abiding customers for their beliefs. We will protect your security and privacy. We support your business and livelihood—regardless of your industry.  Whether you’re in the oil business, a firearms retailer, or a meat producer, Old Glory Bank will be the bank for you. We stand with you. No matter where you stand.

How can Old Glory Bank be FDIC insured and still protect me from federal overreach?
What makes Old Glory Bank so safe and secure for your deposits is that we are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor.  We are not a “challenger” bank like so many of the online providers who partner with a third-party bank that controls things behind the scenes.  We are a “real” bank and will have a great mobile banking solution. We will stand with you, no matter where you stand.  Of course, Old Glory Bank will absolutely comply with lawful orders, including, for example, a garnishment to pay child support and lawful requirements to report your income.  We will never be a bank for criminals or support criminal activity.  Just the opposite.  We believe in the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.  Therefore, if a government official requests that we punish or cancel you for lawfully attending a protest, we will not comply.  If there is a request to punish or cancel you for conducting lawful business, that request will be unlawful, and we will not comply.  If other banks (and tech companies) want to stand with their elite friends in government and media to punish and cancel Americans for fossil fuels, the meat industry, firearms, or speaking truth to power, that’s on them.  Old Glory Bank will never punish or cancel customers for their lawful activities.  Instead, we stand with you.

How secure is my money?
Old Glory Bank is a chartered, FDIC-insured bank. So, as secure as it can get. Customers are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per depositor.

Is Old Glory Bank a real bank?
Yes. Old Glory Bank (formerly known as First State Bank) is a 120-year-old, FDIC-insured Bank, from Elmore City, Oklahoma. Most customers will interact with us on their smart phone or the internet, because we will have one of the best mobile banking apps and websites, but you will also be able to walk into our branch and talk with a teller in beautiful Elmore City, Oklahoma. And, if you want to talk to someone, we will be accessible online and by phone.

Is Old Glory Bank a challenger bank?
No. Old Glory Bank is an actual, FDIC-insured bank. You may have seen some of the new “financial service” companies who call themselves “challenger” banks or “neo” banks. These companies are not actual banks, and they are not even allowed to call themselves a bank, which is why “bank” is never in their name. Old Glory Bank is an FDIC-insured, chartered bank. Your money will be safe and secure with us, and we will control who can hold an account—not some other institution behind the scenes. So, bank with a real bank—Old Glory Bank.

What is Old Glory Pay?
As part of our promise not to cancel law-abiding customers for their beliefs, Old Glory Bank is launching its own payment App called Old Glory Pay.  Beginning in March, 2023, Old Glory Bank customers can send payments to other Old Glory Bank customers without their money ever leaving the Old Glory Bank eco-system, which means no institution can cancel your payments or withhold your funds for whatever reason they choose.  Also, with Old Glory Pay, since both parties in a transaction are Old Glory Bank customers, there is an immediate settlement of funds and you do not wait for access to your money.  Old Glory Pay links seamlessly with the Old Glory Bank App, so you will be able to see when money sent or received via Old Glory Pay hits your bank account.  Also coming soon will be solutions for merchants to accept Old Glory Pay and a cancel-proof crowd fundraising solution.

Will you offer traditional banking products and services like savings accounts?
We will be launching personal checking accounts (that we call Freedom Spending Accounts) and interest-bearing savings accounts starting in March, 2023.

Will Old Glory Bank have the latest banking features?
Yes.  With Old Glory Bank, you will be able to access your direct deposit paycheck or government payment up to two days earlier than the stated payment date.   Also, with Old Glory Bank, you can get free overdraft protection,* no monthly fees (no exceptions), no fees for in-network ATMs, free bill pay,* free monthly transfers and electronic statements.  We are also doing something very special with Charitable Round-Ups, where you can round-up to the next dollar when you use an Old Glory Bank card and make an automatic donation to one of our great charities. 100% of your Charitable Round-Up goes to your selected charity, and we do it all for free. 
*Conditions apply. 

Will you offer business banking? SBA Loans?
Starting in March, 2023, we will launch our mobile banking platform with personal accounts, including debit cards and bill pay.  A sole proprietor could certainly use their Old Glory Bank personal account for this purpose.  By July 4th, we intend to launch our business banking software and then slowly start to grow our business lending program, which will mostly be SBA loans to start.

Which ATMs can I use for free?
Old Glory Bank will provide customers with free ATM access at any of its 40,000 in-network ATMs.  You will be able to easily locate an OGB in-network ATM using the ATM locator in our mobile App and website. 

How do I access my money?
You will be able to pay your expenses with an Old Glory Bank debit card, online bill pay, and ACH transfers.  You will be able to withdraw cash for free from one of our 40,000 in-network ATMs, which you can easily find using our ATM locator in our mobile App and website.

Where can I use an Old Glory Bank debit card?
Every location where Mastercard® is accepted, which is just about everywhere.

Who do I contact if I need help?
Once we launch our mobile banking platform in March, 2023, you will be able to call our customer service center’s toll-free number during business hours. For now, you can email us at, and a member of our team will respond within one business day.

How much money do I need to open an account?
You can open an account for as little as $50. Terms and conditions will apply to benefit from our many features. Full account details will be provided to you when it is time to open your account.