Old Glory Bank Wraps Up Big Week at the NSSF's SHOT Show


Old Glory Bank Wraps Up Big Week at the NSSF’s SHOT ShowThe Firearms Industry Trade Association National Conference

“The firearms industry has been under siege by the financial sector.”


ELMORE CITY, OKOld Glory Bank’s senior leadership wrapped up a full week at the Las Vegas based “SHOT Show,” one of the largest gatherings of the pro-2nd Amendment industry in America.  

“Gun owners were very glad to see us there,” Old Glory Bank’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Eric Ohlhausen, said.  “The firearms industry has been under siege by the financial sector. As America’s leading pro-freedom bank, Old Glory Bank is proud to stand with the great Americans who transact and work in the firearms industry.”

Over the past decade, financial institutions and payment technology providers have been cancelling service to those connected with America’s firearms industry.  Old Glory Bank was founded by strong pro-freedom voices like former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, country music superstar John Rich, and respected national media host Larry Elder, among others, to stand up for Americans’ freedom to bank without fear of cancellation for their beliefs. 

“The whole theme behind Old Glory Bank is that you will not be penalized for exercising your constitutional rights,” said John Rich in a recent interview.   

To speak with one of Old Glory Bank’s senior leaders or co-founders, contact Ms. Jules Wortman, at jwortman@wortmanworks.com or Kim Doster, at Kim@YosemiteStrategies.com.

About Old Glory Bank

Old Glory Bank is an FDIC-insured chartered bank that offers the best mobile banking solutions for consumers and businesses, from sea to shining sea. Old Glory Bank is committed to serving those who feel marginalized for believing in the greatness of America. Old Glory Bank was co-founded by some of the leading voices supporting freedom and love of country, including former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson; Radio and Television Host Larry Elder; country music superstar, TV host, entrepreneur, and songwriter, John Rich; and former two-term Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin-Christensen. Visit www.oldglorybank.com. We Stand with You. No Matter Where You Stand. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

More information about Old Glory Bank is available by contacting Ms. Jules Wortman, at jwortman@wortmanworks.com.