Companies that share our values

Code of Vets logo

Code of Vets

We are proud to partner with an organization that does so much to help Veterans and their families. Code of Vets is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity that provides immediate assistance to in-crisis, at-risk, and in-need Veterans who have fallen through the cracks. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Folds of Honor logo

Folds of Honor

As a bank that honors the sacrifice patriots make in service to our country, we’re proud to partner with Folds of Honor, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity that provides life-changing academic scholarships to the spouses and children of America’s fallen or disabled military and first responders. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Allegiance Flag Supply logo

Allegiance Flag Supply

As a company named after our glorious flag, we couldn’t find a more ideal match than Allegiance Flag Supply, supplier of the beautiful American-made, hand-sewn American flags available in our Old Glory Bank Store. To learn more, CLICK HERE

RedBalloon logo


We started a bank to combat cancel culture. RedBalloon started an employment recruitment company for the same reason. We both believe nobody should ever be canceled from their job or bank because of their faith or politics. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Border 911 logo

Border 911 Foundation, Inc.

Border 911 Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit organization run by distinguished border security experts who educate America on the facts of a non-secure border. Any company that wants a stronger America is good with us. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Patriot Owned Businesses logo

Patriot Owned

P.O.B. is a nationwide organization that brings together businesses, individuals, and organizations that “follow the belief of being an American through God, family, and country.” That matches us to a tee. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Freedom Square logo

Freedom Square

Freedom. Liberty. Pride in America. That’s in the DNA of Freedom Square. And of Old Glory Bank. We value the same values. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Freedom Square, the online freedom forum for pro-Americans. To learn more, CLICK HERE

Fortify Insurance logo

Fortify Insurance

We are all about protecting your right to exercise your constitutional freedoms. Fortify Insurance is all about the Second Amendment and insuring and protecting the rights of law-abiding firearms and ammunition companies. Perfect match. To learn more, CLICK HERE